Monday August 6th, 2007



Engineering: Design, material and site specific evaluations, construction management, and start up services

    • Biodigestors
    • Mining Projects
    • Landfills
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants with cogeneration
    • Bladder bags
    • Prefabricated panels
    • Prefabricated containment units
    • Cover materials – UV penetration, HDPE, hybrid LLDPE, reinforced MDPE, PVC, XR 3
    • Piping – HDPE, PVC, RCP
    • Gas handling – cogeneration, flaring, internal heating
    • Site evaluations – earthworks minimization and hydraulics analysis.

Procurement – Defining the most accessible and cost effective materials for use in the country.

    • Defining the most economical resources for use in constructing the project.
    • Qualifying the local installers, pricing, abilities, flexibility, and internal support vs. importing the services.
    • Volume contracts per territory or country. Negotiating fixed pricing vs. variable.
    • Reviewing import costs and tariff applications
    • Defining responsibilities in supply contracts.


Construction services: Establish the most cost effective form to construct in the country in question.

  • Specific project vs. volume projects
  • Using local sources vs. importing sources
  • Turn key vs. individual contracts
  • Qualifying local or regional installers
  • Fixed digestors vs. bladder bags vs. prefabricated panels
  • Logistical support for the project
  • Project scheduling
  • Storage of materials
  • Establish work areas
  • Define security and safety guidelines based on local laws and culture
  • Creating timetables to meet customer needs in conjunction with the clients operations


Management – Provide a complete discipline in all the aspects of managing the construction of the biodigestor system in question.

    • Review of designs and cost alternatives
    • Review of contracts with vendors and local authorities
    • Handling and expediting of materials
    • Supervision of construction
    • Establishing maintenance contracts
    • Expediting all aspects of a project