Monday August 6th, 2007


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Impermeable Floating Cover

Impermeable floating covers are made by using HDPE, XR-5, and PPR geomembranes.

The covers can be utilized to help maintain better sanitary conditions for the storage of potable water and stop evaporation loss. Covers can also be used to capture methane gas from waste lagoons when you create a gas tight seal around the perimeter, then the gases can be drawn off and disposed by scrubbing, burning, or used as fuel. These covers segregate the rainwater from the wastewater.

The impermeable floating cover is designed to operate from an empty lagoon to the designed high water level. The cover weight system is designed to form folds in the cover to tension the cover and allow for excess material to accommodate level fluctuation. The folds are also required to collect rainwater so it can be easily pumped off from a central point.

Sample ports and hatches can be incorporated in the cover to provide access for samples and maintenance of installed equipment.

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