Monday August 6th, 2007

About us

Environmental Fabrics, Inc., is a manufacturing and general contracting firm founded in 1993 by Zeb Fuchsluger, Dennis Shanklin, and Ray Pickel. The firm combined the diverse backgrounds of the founders to produce a team broad base ability in the design, fabrication and installation of geosynthetic products.

The firm specializes in the application of geosynthetic products in wastewater, domestic animal or industrial water process operations, as well as in landfills and mining projects.

EFI provides assistance to the client in geosynthetic selection, design, and construction.

Client group includes commercial, industrial and governmental agencies. The Principals have the combined experience of over 50 years in the field of civil/environmental manufacturing and construction. The firm has demonstrated its ability to handle complex geosynthetic projects from the ordinary to the extraordinary in wastewater, landfills and mining process.

EFI established EFM to meet the goals for construction of biogas digestors and CDM projects that Kyoto’s trade required in 2004. 

EFI will help you to reach their goals. This can be through one of the following disciplines described or through all of them.  Each area or country will bring different challenges and business plans.  Culture, client base, language, infrastructure, time table, and resources will define the business plan that will have to be created for each country in question.

Markets and baselines will define the system that you define to work in each country.
EFI / EFM’s policy and goals will be those of your policies and goals.