Monday August 6th, 2007


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Permeable Floating Cover

Permeable floating covers are made by using 3R Foam.

The cover rests on the surface of the water and allows rainwater to pass through it. This eliminates the cost and maintenance required collecting and pumping the rainwater. The biogas passes through the cover eliminating the cost of the collection system and the blower to remove the biogas from under the cover.

The cost of a gas safety package is eliminated as well as the operating and maintenance costs. The biogas is digested as it passes through the 3R Foam cover by the aerobic bacteria, which reside in the cover. An additional benefit is the insulating properties of the cover. This minimizes diurnal temperature changes and retains heat in the pond to aid in the anaerobic process.

Since gas passes through the cover it cannot balloon up with gas bubbles. A cover weight system is unnecessary. Winds will not lift the cover off the surface of the water. This allows for a simple anchor system at the perimeter since less wind forces have to be dealt with and a gas tight seal is unnecessary.

Sample ports can be installed at any location and are safely accessible by walking across the surface of the cover. The cover will sink slightly (2in. to 4in.) under a man's weight.

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EFM floating covers come with a 12-18 month limited warranty.